Location: St. Barths

This morning we woke up to two unconscious divers (don’t worry, not really), but rescue divers in training, Griffin, Micah, Lydia, Sean, Alaina, and Alex, worked as a team and put their rescue diving skills to use to save both Ben and Austin. After breakfast and an OCE class on fisheries, those people who wanted to, did a dive off Pan de Suc, a nearby rock formation, and saw two of the biggest lobsters any of us have ever seen. But besides that, today was an incredible day to walk around St. Barth. I was able to face time with my ‘American Parents’, as they both became dual citizens this afternoon. I also practiced my minimal French speaking skills with Brendan as we tried talking to some locals. Finally, back on the boat, we all did the last bit of studying for tonight’s OCB exam, which will hopefully be a breeze for all of us.
Bon Voyage,