Location: The Alboran Sea

Here we are again, on our way to a new destination. It will be the fourth country in four stops. We started in the British Virgin Islands, stopped at the Azores after crossing two-thirds of the Atlantic Ocean, made it all the way across when we hit Gibraltar, and now we are going to Mallorca. If we are lucky, we might run into Rafael Nadal or Bribon, the sailing boat owned by the Spanish Royal Family. After all, that is where they spend their summer vacation.

It is always astonishing to dive into new cultures and observe their differences, but also their similarities. Gibraltarians are definitely an interesting kind. It has been very amusing, listening to them talk. You can hear them change from English to Spanish and back, all within one sentence. -And it is not a random kind of Spanish; it is the dynamic, jovial, peculiar Spanish they speak in the south. They definitely know how to combine cultures in Gibraltar.
Our stay there served as a great transition from the Atlantic into the Mediterranean. We are ready now to immerse ourselves in the pure western Mediterranean style. This morning we prepared Argo one more time and got her ready for passage life, had a juicy breakfast, fueled with the famously cheap Gibraltarian fuel, left the dock, raised sails, and started our short trip – at least compared to our previous passages – to Palma.
According to the estimations, it will take us “only” 3-4 days to reach the largest of the Islas Baleares.
In the meantime, we are enjoying the busy Alboran Sea. Boats of all sizes and styles, most of them enormous cargo ships, eating miles going to places we can only guess by their names: Greece, Turkey, Malta, and beyond, through the Suez Canal to China, Thailand, maybe Neverland, along the South coast of Spain. After crossing the ocean in the company of the moon and the stars, I am excited to spend some nights looking for the lights of watchtowers.