Location: Gibraltar

The crew kicked off yesterday with a tasty hunk of coffee cake for breakfast shout-out to Kimi for making the kitchen smell amazing the evening before. After breakfast, the crew split off into groups to explore various parts of the city of Gibraltar. A few of these trips included a diving excursion, a personal tour through a local synagogue led by Soloman Levy (the first civil mayor of Gibraltar) himself, and a limit-testing power hike to the top of the rock of Gibraltar and halfway back down to Saint Michael’s cave. I went with the cave excursion and can honestly say that it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had on this entire trip. One reason for this was its temperature. It was refreshingly cool and damp as opposed to the scorching heat of our previous hike to the top. Another reason would be that it was one of the prettiest caves I’ve ever seen. True, I don’t have tons of experience in or with caves, but I would be surprised to find one as awe-inspiring as this one. It wasn’t the simplest of journeys either, requiring people to balance on as little as three inches of brimstone to pass around natural cave springs. Everyone learned a lot and got back safely, if not a bit hungry. We ended up spending a solid four hours in the cave and barely even noticed how late it was by the time we had hiked out. Once we got back to the boat, we had a quick meal of sandwiches (the galley was supposed to be closed at that point of the night) and got ready for bed, exhausted.

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