Location: Grenada

Scuba gear pulled out of the compartment it hides in during passage, and Irv lifted up from the water. Every student reading and completing the deep dive section review, barring the one already certified in advanced diving. This was the scene in the morning as we prepared to depart the Yacht Club and move to Dragon Bay, right after Marine Biology (OCB). The only remaining component was fixing the fridge. The folks back home aren’t aware of the situation, but the fridge needed a quick repair to get the temperature back to an appropriate range without using the engine. The mechanic came during our review session for class and was still there when the class was finished. So plans changed, and we all proved how flexible we are! It works out for the better as the fridge gets repaired, and we will get our deep diving training tomorrow so we can do a wicked dive in about a week! So it was another day with free time for us! A bunch of us went to this local cafe, which has an amazing roti and even better smoothies. (I swear that I could drink those smoothies all day and not be sick of them). My group fractured off and went to explore Fort George, which is the resident Police Training Quarters. There was a really good view of the city, and I was able to spot JB and Scott riding into the harbor on Exy. Afterward, we traveled to Grand Anse Beach, which is famous for its white powdery sand and the gentle lapping of the waves. (Others gravitated towards the beach, but the beach was so large that it was hard to find people.) We headed back to the boat before anyone got too sunburned. (At this point, people are beginning to form tans and move pass the burning stage) There was a beautiful sunset for dinner! Now it is off to class then to the bar to watch the recaps of the Winter Olympics! Tune in next time at the Ocean Star Blog!