Location: Mayreau - St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Ok! So!

Chief woke me up this morning with a gentle tap. I was in a surprisingly great mood for 6:45 AM, so I rolled out of my bunk (figuratively) and woke the cabin up with some trumpet music. Breakfast was gingerbread bread, yogurt, and strawberries prepared by our amazing chefs Jodie, RuRi, and Ben. After clean-up, we had our longest oceanography class yet on ocean circulation — got some super useful info about winds and currents and stuff. Since we have our VHF Radio certification exam tomorrow, a lot of people were on deck studying the phonetic alphabet, VHF and DSC procedures, and proper radio etiquette. Lunch was pizza grilled cheese and cheese fries. Thanks, Jodie. Full of bread and cheese, we became a bowling ball and rolled into Irv to have shore time for the rest of the day. RuRi, Jodie, and Will decided to swim to the beach since this is the closest we’ve been anchored to an island. The swim sounded nice, and I’m happy to report that they didn’t get hit by any boats!
Some things I encountered during shore time: fresh baby goats (i mean FRESH), rain, lots of little bugs, Luke cracking a coconut, Calum carrying his kiteboard around the island just for fun, some mermaids, and a failed geocaching mission. Also, after much debate, Chief has decided to pursue astrology as his life-long career path. I tried to warn him against it, but he believes so fervently in the power of the planets that nothing could be done.
Ok, actually, just before shore time, I looked across the chart house and saw Xonel – one minute standing with her little deckie brush, the next a human pancake on the deck. Another soldier was struck down by a D-ring. This turned out to be the worst one yet, however, and without going into too much detail, her fourth and fifth toes had switched places! It’s broken for sure, but she smiled through the whole process (also, she’s okay).
Jodie made us some yummy stew for dinner, and Kiara showed me all of her drone footage from the day!

We wrapped up the night with a leadership class on organizations. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight!

p.s. Tell fuz, truz, indy, and zuh to be nice to each other.