Location: Sebayor Kecil

Today was a good day. I woke up to Argo going back to Labuan Bajo to retrieve the laundry we sent to be washed a couple of days ago. Clean clothes are always so nice! During this passage back to Labuan Bajo, we had a wonderful breakfast of some fantastic french toast from my boy Zack. Thanks, Zack. After the wonderful french toast from Zack, we had our 2nd Marine Bio exam. Fun stuff 🙂 Thanks, Carolyn! After the exam, I gathered the crew and told them to muster in the cockpit, where we would start our rescue diving training. We all hopped in the water. It was my turn to rescue the handsome man… William. William was fighting. William was relentless. But, I managed to calm him down and bring him back to safety. Oh, this was a panic diver training, by the way. So that was a lot of fun. Thanks, Will. Oh, and we got our clothes back. Thanks, Stefan and Gina! Then we had lunch. Thanks again, Zack. Then we hopped back in the water for more rescue training. We practiced calming a panicked diver underwater, surfacing an unresponsive diver, and search patterns for a missing diver. On the dinghy ride back from the shallow training spot, a fish surprised us all by jumping out of the water and straight into the dinghy! In my haste to try to grab it and return it to the water, the fish fought back and little bit, and I got poked by one of the spikey fins. Thanks, fish. But at least it’s safely back in its home. Then we hopped back onto Argo and had some free time and showers. Then we were treated to a delicious beef stew from Zack again. Thanks again, Zack. It was a warm and hearty meal after a long day in the water.

Selfies with Justin and Matt; Will being goofy.