Location: Rouseau, Dominica

The Ocean Star crew woke up this morning and ate what was the dullest meal of the day. That’s not a criticism of the work of our chefs, but its impossible to compete with the local foods of Dominica. We met Sea Cat Tours on the road outside of our mooring and began a long drive into the mountains. Along the way we stopped after what seemed like every mile and tried different fruits and foods from the island. We stopped at one of Dominica’s few beaches for lunch before continuing on to the Emerald Pool. We hiked maybe ten minutes to the base of the Emerald Pool waterfall and dove into the cold freshwater, allowing the constant coating of salt to wash off of us. After the Emerald Pool we drove to Trafalgar Falls where we climbed over slippery boulders to the bottom of a huge water fall. We swam around the falls, letting the current push us around. It was impossible to hear anything over the roar of the wind and water crashing down around us. Afterwards we climbed back over the rocks to the natural hot springs in the area and sank into the hot water, letting it take any stress we may have had away. The day ended with a barbeque at Dive Dominica where we relaxed and got ready for tomorrow.