Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

We woke up in Roseau to a beautiful rainbow and a great breakfast of eggs and bacon! After clean up we had MTE class with Captain Kevin where we learned the rules of the road for sailing, and how America fooled the British during the war of independence in creating red right return. We then headed further north in Dominica to Portsmouth, with intended whale watching along the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any whales, but everyone’s biggest man crush Matt lead knot tying class, and then read aloud Dr. Seuss,’ O The Places You’ll Go. We also had a chance to study for our big quiz, and catch up on some journaling as squall master Marvin told us the rain would hold off and the tropical storm would no longer be headed our way. Once in Portsmouth we had another great meal by Chefs Jen and Faloon then headed out with James Bond to the Indian River for a lab testing salinity, temperature, and depth. The Indian River is a protected area so James Bond had to paddle us through the incredible scenery. Once done with research Bond finished our ride with stories about his time with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly, as we took pictures next to the place of Calypso’s house from Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Back on Ocean Star, we decided to perfect our flipping skills. Serena showed off her perfect form while others worked on the first steps of avoiding a belly flop. After flip training and showers we sat down for a great pasta dinner. The night ended with our quiz and first geology lecture, as we settled down for our last night in gorgeous Dominica.