Location: St George's Bermuda

Bermuda is proving to be a great experience so far, and today was no exception. After an early breakfast, we loaded into the dinghies and made our way to Kings Square, where we were met by a short trek to a nearby bus stop. The first stop on our itinerary was the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science, a beautiful research campus not far from the square. After a tour of the facility, we were given a presentation by a former student regarding seagrass and fish populations in the area. Feeling enlightened by 1100, we walked ourselves to the Bermuda Railway Trail, a beautiful pathway by the ocean previously used for limestone transportation. At the end of the trail, we began our beach clean-up on a small but messy cove that needed some love. Looking back on the beach an hour later was a rewarding experience, as well as a reminder to us all that we cant continue to let our planets natural beauty spoil. With some free time until the cinema, the group caught a bus to Hamilton and split up to explore the city. At 5:30, armed with popcorn and some food from Hamiltons only theatre, Fantastical Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore began. Wrapping the day up nicely with some frozen yogurt, the group returned to Vela, now anchored in Hamilton. We cleaned up, prepared for the next day of adventuring, and got some much-needed rest.
– Finn