Location: St George's, Bermuda

At 7 oclock this morning, the boat was completely still. Above deck, a frigid wind howled through the rigging, grey clouds sagging low above the mastheads. Below deck was ghostly, no sound but the whispers of the weather outside. The crew lay asleep, a rare sleep-in. At 8 oclock, I made my way past the galley and was infected by the music flowing from the speakers as Anna and Alissa churned out Eggs-Benedict. Now with my limbs flowing to the rhythm, I shuffled my way into the cabins and roused the well-rested. Annika panicked that she had not woken at this late an hour in the last four years and that her streak was now tarnished!

Brekkie was a manifestation of the [jol] that was the preparation dance party music in the mouth. The northerly that had blown in had brought out our warmest gear, and shipmates sat huddled in the cockpit wearing beanies, scarves, and in some cases, up to 4 layers of clothing. Teagan pointed out to me that the temperatures at her home in North Carolina are currently much the same as here, and that would be considered a mild day, while here, we spent the day afraid to go outside. The Caribbean may have softened us

Not much was planned for the day, except for it to be spent below deck, out of the weather, practicing our chartwork in preparation for the upcoming Navmaster exam. Much ground was covered in this dedicated time, broken up only for a highly anticipated PB and J and Capri Sun lunch (where Annika, Audrey, Emma, and Cora all heroically leaped into the troubled waters to save blown away litter), and later on, an impromptu fire drill caused by the excitement in the galley over dinner prep. The soundtrack to Across the Universe, a musical showcase of some of the Beatles great classics, carried us swiftly towards the Chefs chicken tikka masala with handmade naan. Double Yum. On-deck dinner was interrupted by a threatening squall which sent us all scurrying, now far too overdressed, to the ships warm interior to wrap up proceedings. Where would you take your boat, and who would you choose to take with you?

Darkness creeps in with the yet increasing wind, and the crew plans a movie date with the earlier Fantastic Beasts. Even the Vela crew loves a lazy indoor day when its cold out.

Jol a South African word meaning a party, good time, thrash, a blast, wail of a time, bush doof, etc.