Location: St George, Bermuda

Hi from Bermuda!

We are not yet adapting to the cold (not actually cold, the Caribbean has ruined us), but we are LOVING Bermuda.

After our marine bio exam this morning, we packed up our things and hopped on the dinghy, and headed to shore to meet Doreen at the Coopers Island Nature Reserve. We spent a few hours strolling through the incredibly beautiful reserve with her, as she showed us lots of different herbs we could eat. I was skeptical about eating leaves at first but quickly got on board as everyone was wildly excited about the different tastes. They were right, and to my surprise, I enjoyed eating leaves. She taught us how to use them for cooking and medicinal purposes. Calum was right at home, claiming that he spent his whole childhood eating leaves. We ended our time with Doreen as she made us some salsa and hummus using the herbs we had foraged.

From there, some of us headed back to Vela to spend the afternoon doing some laundry, studying, or just hanging out, while others opted to stay on shore for lunch and exploring. Ryan and I found ourselves hitchhiking across Bermuda with the most wonderful woman and her adorable children. After a great lunch and a stroll through the boat expedition and farmers market, we all met up to head back to Vela. I made it on and off the dingy successfully, which is always a win.

Sofia and Ellie made us a delicious dinner, and Annika realized halfway through that her water bottle had been held hostage and raised to the top of the boom. She’s not thrilled, but the rest of us are.

We hope y’all are having as good of a day as we did! Just realized this is my last skipper day… Sad hours.

Signing off forever,

xx Issy

ps: love u, family and friends!