Location: St George, Bermuda

Well, it was another mighty fine day in Bermuda! Skipper Audz here reporting for duty!! The crew woke to the startling sound of panicked irresponsibility as I woke them from their deep slumber at 7:15 am this morning (it would have been later if Anni wasnt a total G and her spidey senses didnt go off and realize that there was literally no one awakeits hard out here for a pimp gangstas). When everyone finally made it on deck, I made a public apology (lol!) We had cereal on this fine, chilly day. Sharp, Carolin,e and I had gluten-free toasted coconut granola that was a crunchy memorable surprise (it was sooo good, def a fav). After a rushed clean up I annoyingly went around rushing everyone yet again to hurry up and get ready for Nav class; we were reviewing for our exam that is coming up this week!! Yay!! After a wonderful, enlightening class with cheeky sweet cheeks, we all headed up on deck to be dinghied over onshore to go see a beautiful crystal cave!!! Woo-hoo!

When we arrived, it was so beautiful. I did not expect Bermuda to be so green! Moss-covered stone walls lined an entry with bright flowers hanging ever so gracefully. An impressive elongated well-kept vibrant green lawn that seemed to stretch on forever. It was a grand ole time. Our tour guide opened the slightly rusty gates to reveal a long pathway leading down to what at first seemed to be leading to the center of the earth. We walked down the wet crystal infested hallway that led to the gorgeous water I have ever laid my stunned eyes upon. We walked in and looked to reveal the natural crystal caves! They were supreme structures that were stunning! The brackish water below was the most beautiful blue. I have never wanted to be accidentally pushed into the water so badly. My favorite part was when our lovely crew mate Annika thought that our other lovely crew mate Anna was next to her when our tour guide proceeded to turn off the lights to show us how dark the caves were; Annika caressed the persons face that was next to her which ended up being a 70-year-old woman. After the caves, we all disbursed for our own shore time! There was blue hole park, baileys ice cream, and the cute little town of Saint George! Fun fact, the whole island of Bermuda is 22 square miles. It takes 45 minutes to get from one side to the other. After our shore time, we came back to the boat to get ready for dinner at Wahoos Restaurant! Everyone had the most splendid time there, and the food was amazing! Cora had the salmon, I had the beef wagyu burger, and there was a whole lot of fried chicken! We love Bermuda and dont want to leave!:)
Special shout out to Matt, Laura, Zeita, Layng, Tyler, Matthew, Gaby, Madi, Audrey, my grandma Abby and everyone who has supported this journey! I miss and love you guys! xoxo