Location: St George's, Bermuda

Goooood morning from anchor! My new watch team (watch team 1, aka the piggies) woke up at 8 am this morning for the last shift of the 6-day, 850 nautical mile Bermudes passage. We technically got here last night, but the Official Butts of Bermuda made us wait outside the country all night for a pilot to guide us into the harbor Its okay, though! It was a fun night spent doing donuts and drifting Vela up and down and up and down and up and down the coast. Everyone received a much-needed noon wake-up time as the undereye bags were real after a week of the 4 hours on, 8 hours off passage routine. Despite the slow start to the day, we jumped right into a mega boat appreciation after lunch. Like, boom to bilge and everything in between. Even The Void that Teagan so bravely climbed into was cleaned. She unfortunately never returned.
Vela needed the cleaning as much as we needed the extra sleep. I was talking to my mom a bit later on and showing her around the boat that she described as luxury living. Not that getting to live on this boat isnt a dream come true because it totally is, but I had to remind her that there was bilge sludge under my fingernails from my earlier adventures with Annika attempting to clean the mysterious material. Yum!
The cold(er) weather here in Bermuda is such a welcome delight for most of us. I dont know what I was expecting from the literal Caribbean, but it is, in fact, very hot. I may be from Arizona, but any weather over 70 is cause for immediate and excessive sweating. Similar but in a different way to how Allissa is from Chicago but was bundled up in every layer she owns yet was still shivering at dinner.
Stay tuned for our northern latitude adventures; we cant wait to explore this place because it was definitely worth the voyage!