Location: UW to Bermuda

Today was another fine day at sea. I honestly dont recall much, as the days tend to blend together after the first few on passage. It was pretty rough today; about 100nm from Bermuda, we hit a weather system from the NE, bringing Beaufort scale six winds and rough seas (around 2-4 meters) on the nose. We motored at around 3kn into it for about 8 hours, purposely delaying our arrival to Bermuda for the night. Bermuda doesnt allow Sail Training Vessels through The Cut without a pilot, so we ended up doing a holding pattern all night, which turned out to be quite fun. My watch team and I had a fantastic time singing and dancing in the soaking rain from 4-8 am while driving Vela around in circles. Anna did some sick drifts whipping Vela around as we sang. Dinner was some fantastic honey chicken over rice, prepared by Annika as always. And it was another lovely day on STV Vela.