Location: UW to Bermuda

Skipper Anna here,
There are rumors that well be reaching Bermuda within the next day or two. Were all cautiously optimistic about the exact moment when we can jump into the ocean for our post-passage ocean shower and do some incredible shore activities (caves?! Dives?! Pink sand beaches?!). Weve reached the point in passage where the seasickness has either completely subsided or is maintained at a minimum base level through sheer willpower. Watch teams have changed, so weve had a splendid time getting to spend four-hour watches with new folks. Audiobooks have become the new rage, and two out of the three watches are trekking through audiobooks ranging from stories of the Bermuda Triangle to Harry Potter.
The schedule has stayed fairly consistent throughout the passage, and itll go something like this: four-hour watches rotating throughout the night and wakeups at noon when lunch is served by whoever is the head chef. Lunch will usually feature a game that Audrey (student program manager) organizes and always has us cracking up. Today happened to be boat trivia, and all the questions were thought up by Audrey and Annika. We were quizzed on different lines on board, the role of stanchions, where emergency oxygen is stored, what three different types of tank tows are used in rescue diving, etc. It got slightly heated when staff began to compete against each other. Suddenly, there were bitter shouts of MERE TECHNICALITIES and DISQUALIFIED as the friendly competition became not so friendly. Afterward, we had leadership, where Cora and Nick gave a rousing presentation on the communities that shape our leadership values, followed by oceanography. From there, we had free time (unless you were on watch) to catch up on homework, finish the marine bio essay due at midnight, sleep, etc., until dinner. We were lucky enough tonight to have a beautiful sunset slowly take place throughout dinner, and currently, Im sitting in the salon, bathed in red light from the overhead lights as people finish up jobs and settle down to catch up on assignments.
Since there isnt much to report, Ive decided to dip into the Vela notebook for inspiration: a small leather notebook filled with quotes, poems, stories, thoughts, etc., from us throughout the semester. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

My plan, if nothing else works out, is to be a troll under a bridge. -Ryan

Wait, are you telling me corgis shed their tails like lizards? -Annika

Umm, no one is concerned, but theres a colony of smurfs in the anchor locker -Tolo

Its quite hard to check the pulse on someone who isnt breathing. -Calum

Calum talking to the crew of Vela before Classics week when theyll race against Ocean Star, Velas sister ship: they are only our rivals on the racecourse.

Lomax: beach dinner? Like bringing our quinoa to the beach?

Anna to literally anyone who challenges her: get your Gumby suit on. Youre going to need it where youre going.

Boat to bed? I really thought that meant we all went to sleep. -Sharp

I do pretty well helming until the chips come out, and bam! Were off course. -Finn

I dont get you guys with your ph whats the point of having an f if you dont use it?! -Sofia

I never want to disturb marine life, but the one time I did, it was pretty great. -Audrey

If anything, remember that ctenophores have a butt. -Dylan

It looks as if this is my last skipper trip log EVER . Its crazy to think that youll be seeing us in ~20 days when we come back home. Thanks for keeping up with the logs, and I hope youre ready for the onslaught of SeaMester memories that well be sharing when we all come back, and well be talking about nothing else for the next six months. Do yourself a favor and prep yourself beforehand.