Location: UW to Bermuda

Oioooi, my fellow readers! How are you?? Hope you are all happy and healthy : )
Day 69, aka 3rd day of passage to Bermudsss (ooo were halfway there! O O going to Bermuda). My day started at 3:30, being woken up for the sunrise watch with the famous pickles. The pickle curse is apparently finally gone, and we are no longer having sickle pickles on watch. Instead, were thriving during boat checks and having a great time. This morning we talked a bunch about movies and books, had hot chocolate with marshmallows, sang perfectly accurate versions of songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, including all the instrumental parts (shout out to Anna, my musical goddess), and had the visit of two dead flying fish in deck. The first flying fish, Gerald, was accidentally thrown in the sheet line by me on the way to the ocean (sorry to disturb you in death). The second flying fish, Gerald jr., was a BABY, so cute, and when I threw it in the ocean, it surprisingly kicked on the water like a rock. Fun fact, marshmallows also kick in the water.
At 8000 watch team, 1 relieved us, and we got some extra hours of sleep. At lunchtime, we had burritos, and Audrey organized another fun game for the crew. We played who is more likely to, and it was very funny. During clean-up, I was talking to Cahroliin in the cockpit when I spotted a whale on the horizon. I got very excited and speechless, and I believe my exact words at the moment were OCEAN! ON THE OCEAN! POSSIBLE OCEAN WHALE. That was not well phrased but definitely got everyones attention. There were a few Sperm whales around us (sooo cool), and a singular dolphin appeared at that moment, swimming and jumping right next to vela. Besides those me, and Caroline also saw another type of whale unidentified up to now, but it was kind of Orca shaped (very unlikely to be an orca, tho).
There is no feeling like seeing whales in their natural space!
In the afternoon, we had Marine Bio and Nav Masterclasses, where a lot more people were awake compared to the other passage days. Shout out to Sweet Cheeks, nav master teacher. Thanks for the always fun chart classes.
After class, we had pickle watch round 2, where we were entertained by Dylans tragic past love stories (keep holding on a head pickle!). For dinner, we had rice, lentils, and experimental chicken balls (Tolos courtesy). The squeeze question for today was What would the title of your autobiography be which led to a lot of interesting answers like always.
I believe that we finally achieved a good rhythm here during passage, and everyone is learning to enjoy and have fun even with the struggles of the daily rocking life. Its so amazing to be here surrounded by only water, waves, clouds, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, moon, and stars, with the company of incredible people! It’s hard to describe; there is nothing that compares.
Im loving passage but am also very excited to get to Bermuda. I will be there soon. I can already fill the colder northern air!
With that, I finish my last blog on my last skipper day; it’s crazy to think how far we got. Dont want to make this a sad, dramatic moment; I choose to stay in denial and pretend this is just another regular blog. So thats it, hugs and kisses to you all, see you next time!
Ps: Mamiii to com saudades!! Sonhei um monte com voc durante essa passagem. Com vrias pessoas da famlia e amigos do Brasil na verdade haha mas enfim espero que vocs estejam bem, no vejo a hora de poder falar com vocs de novo. Beijosss amo muito vocs! S2