Location: UW to Bermuda

As we near Bermuda, the excitement amongst the crew increases day by day.
However, the temperature outside decreases day by day. The crew of Vela
has been so accustomed to beautiful warm weather and water and do not
have our winter skins at the ready. The air temp will be low-mid 70s during
the day, and the water temperature will also be mid-low 70s. That wont stop
us, though! Get those 7m wetsuits ready! Nothing can stop us from coming
and having a great time, even in chillier water. We have also officially hit over
2000 nautical miles sailed for this semester so far, which is nothing short of a
great feat. The student passage leaders are shadowing and learning up so
that on our return trip from Bermuda, they will be able to run pretty much
Watch rotations were full of flying fish, games made by Audrey, and
mandatory watch snacks. We have been frequented by many, many flying fish
so far on this passage, but this time it got personal. Allissa was patiently
awaiting to be briefed before watch, and all of a sudden, WABAM! A flying fish
hit her in the back of the head. After a bit of a kerfuffle, Smash was able to
grab the fish and throw it back into the water. Watch rotations continued
throughout the morning per usual, and we met up for lunch like normal. Ellie
was our head chef for the day, and she made a delicious salad for lunch. Not
taking any creditbuuuut I may be the one who came up with the salad. No
big deal. __:)__/ She did a phenomenal job, and the leafy greens were
definitely appreciated. During lunch, we continued to play more games that
Audrey had been coming up with. Today everyone wrote down the fact that
nobody knew about them, and then they were all shuffled up. When it was
your turn, you would take a random fact, read it out loud, and then guess
whose fact it was. After all that, classes were had. Today’s classes included
oceanography and leadership. Once classes finished up, everyone continued
their watch cycle.
Woo!! Only a couple more hundred miles to go!! Thats nothing!! Watch out
Bermuda, Vela is coming in hot!!
Pictured: various activities occurring during the day