Location: UW to Bermuda

Today was another beautiful day in the Caribbean and our first full day of passage to Bermuda. We spent the last, very eventful 24 hours being rolled around in some of the rougher seas weve seen so far. This passage means getting used to new watch teams, our roles for student-led passage on the way back, and real adjustment to life underway for the next week. Setting sail always comes with some memorable moments. First and foremost, Alissa got hit in the head with a flying fish. Issy and Nick got soaked on the martingales reflaking the flying jib. Sharp and Tolo got bonus ocean showers on rail watch. We got sea spray nearly up to the spreaders. We reached 11 knots! Teagan has officially stopped sleeping in the focsle. I slid all the way down the deck and got drenched by a wave. Audrey has planned more games for the crew than weve played in the last two months. Ryan learned that a circle has 360 degrees. Our sicker crew members supported each other through class by forming the official floor squad. Weve added many, many tallies to the puke count. And above all, weve traveled over 200 nautical miles.

Ps. Sharp says mommy help me. I frew up.