Location: Underway to Bermuda

Today was THE big day. We have been talking about our big Bermuda passage since day one. Waking up was a little different this morning as we knew it was our last morning on the anchor for quite some time. Considering we were leaving the British Virgin Islands, I thought it was only fit to wake everyone up by blasting the BVI national anthem. A special day requires a special breakfast, and our expectations were met with Audrey’s spirit breakfast (pancakes with ice cream, peanut butter, and strawberries). Amped on sugar and nerves, we were ready to begin our passage. Raising sails was also a little different today. We have officially begun to shadow for our complete student ran passage returning to Antigua.

With Anna as navigator, Nick as an engineer, myself as first mate, Ellie as skipper, and Audrey as program manager, we will be responsible for sailing Vela on our own (dont worry, mom, the staff is still there to supervise). This is especially exciting as it encapsulates our growth and development over these past 66 days. A quote from my journal on day 4, I still dont understand what a halley is?. First off, a halley doesnt exist, its a halyard, and second, this so-called halley is now second nature to us. Together as a community, we have strived to take every opportunity and dive headfirst into the (once) foreign realm of sailing. Many of us had never set foot on a sailboat, let alone had any sailing experience prior to this semester. Now, we have learned to enjoy the vast seas and endless learning of the boat. But more than the obvious joys of sea life, we have learned to appreciate little moments. Little things like dishy pit parties to being hit by flying fish have become special memories, and we get to do it as a team. We only have a few weeks left, and we have vowed to make every moment count.

Peace out, BVI, Bermuda, here we come.

Picture 1:
Sydnei + my abstract zink art #nooldmanhands

Picture 2:
The worms, aka Smash + Tom, in their natural state

Picture 3:
Dead from boat life. Seriously not staged (not pictured, those actively puking on deck)