Location: West End, BVI

Today was a wonderful last day before our seven-day passage to Bermuda*. We started the day by motoring from Salt Island over to Tortola and enjoying Audreys pancake and ice cream breakfast! After clean-up, we had marine biology class, where we learned about estuaries. Then, we got to explore the town of West End with some shore time! Many of us stocked up on snacks at the grocery store and did some shopping at a small local boutique. We also had a yummy lunch out and appreciated the beautiful views. Around 2:30, we said goodbye to shore, took the dinghies back to Vela, and did some passage prep. Everyone did a wonderful job cleaning the boat and preparing it for our long journey. Then, we had some free time to ocean shower and swim before dinner. We had a lovely dinner with delicious cookies for dessert (and gluten-free cookies for everyone celebrating Passover Happy Pesach to those who celebrate!). Cookies were followed by a squeeze where everyone shared what impractical thing they would purchase if they won the lottery. To end the night, we discussed watch teams and voted for positions for our upcoming student-led passage.

*Important message to parents and loved ones: Since we will be underway, none of us will have service for the next week. Dont worry about us!! If your child does not text or call you, they are not ignoring you, and nothing is wrong! We are simply sailors at sea. We will be having a grand old time enjoying the beauty of the open ocean. We will make sure to call home when we arrive safely in a week or so.