Location: West End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Today the crew were woken up at 0700 to me, asking them to roll straight into passage prep for our final sail back to West End. The winds were kind, blowing at around 15kts, prime conditions for Ocean Star, and we certainly weren’t going to pass up an opportunity to sail in perfect conditions. After the deck was clear, the salon was 40/40, and the anchors were raised, we were able to put up the main, fore, and staysail with no reefs since the lee provided adequate protection (the jib and flying jib were unhanked from their respective stays and put away yesterday). We had breakfast underway, which was bagels and bacon, and for the vegetarians, just bagels. After eating, the crew quickly moved to drop the sails, expertly flaking them and moving aft to the next ones while other members readied the dock lines and fenders for a port-side-to docking. After we were made off to the dock, we began clean up from breakfast. Once that was finished. Everybody started cleaning out their personal spaces to make packing easier. We then ate lunch and mustered in the cockpit after to discuss the first part of our final BA.

Will and I emptied and did a deep clean of all the bilges. Dasha and Steve cleaned the Laz. Steph and Emma cleaned the salon. Everyone else was on deck and washed all of the PFDs, tethers, and acid-washed the cap rails. Dinner was pasta with sauted veggies, which we ended with Carolyn’s retelling of the story of how Dasha dropped some of the steel wool (specifically designed to scrub cap-rails) into the water. Afterward, we cleaned up the dinner dishes and had program closing, and then the Rescue divers went through how to set up the emergency oxygen. Everyone aboard is exhausted, but we are all excited for the next round of BA.