Location: Sandy Spit, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Today we woke up to yet another lovely breakfast from the beautiful chef team of Ian and Dasha before heading out to our last scuba dive of the semester. We explored a site called the Playground (which, to our surprise, had no swing sets or slides). We saw sharks and stingrays before hopping back into Irving. The training rescue divers in the dinghy (Allie, Will, Sam, and Sinclair) had yet another dive scenario when Ian and Carolyn pretended to be panicked and tired divers and had to be pulled back onto the boat. When we arrived back at Ocean Star, Steph asked the familiar, “Has anyone seen Steve?”, Prompting the rescue divers to begin another rescue scenario. They all jumped in to help “save” Steve, and I can gladly say they successfully recovered him! Yay, rescue divers! After lunch, we all got in our last-minute revisions for our Oceanography final exam. We had lemon chicken pasta for dinner, then headed down to the salon for our exam. After, we all relaxed and were both relieved and sad that our classes were finally over, and we had no more assignments to procrastinate over together.