Location: Underway to Dominica

At 0615 this morning, the crew woke to the fire alarm blaring. Scrambling on deck in their Type I PFD’s and carrying fire extinguishers, they found the staff already on deck waiting and timing their response to one of the scariest potential emergency situations onboard. As the crew’s heart rate slowed down, we broke into passage prep eager to get to Dominica. After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and muffins, we continued to prep the boat, getting Irv and Exy ratcheted down on the deck, running sheets/jack lines, and hanking on the jib and flying jib. After raising anchor, we motored over to Long Point, where Ocean Star was docked for the first time since leaving West End two weeks ago. The shipmates attended an oceanography lecture as the staff prepped a veggie soup for lunch and began the process of filling our fuel tanks with more than enough diesel to make it through the rest of the trip. With fueling finished, the crew slipped dock lines, headed out, and proceeded to raise our three boom sails and the jib before getting on course, headed straight for Dominica. With bow watch keeping a sharp eye out for fish pots, we made our way away from Nevis. With the sun shining at our backs, Watch Team Two looked ahead to several dark cloudy and dreary skies. After throwing on some foul weather gear, we dropped the jib, put a reef in the main, and waited for the impending rain. All the rain the skies dumped on us wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of those on deck. Warming ourselves up with some cheddar broccoli pasta and a cake/cookie combination (baked by Annemarie), we celebrated Lo’s 18th birthday! Late that night, Ocean Star sailed under the light of a full moon and over calm seas towards Dominica and the adventures it holds.