Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

Today we woke up and had some awesome chocolate chip pancakes cooked by Rachel and Alia. After breakfast, we had nautical science class, a.k.a. sailing class, followed by an oceanography class. After class, we raised anchor and motored 10 minutes over to Sandy Island. After anchoring at Sandy Island, we had chicken caesar salad wraps (delicious!). We then had the afternoon free on Sandy Island, where we explored, sunbathed, snorkeled, and threw a football around. Once people returned to the boat, Jacq and Alia worked on their research project collecting plankton. Owen, Rob, and I practiced our freediving by diving down the anchor chain, which was only in 15ft of water. For dinner, we had grill night, where once again Simon and Dan proved to be BBQ masters, even in the rain. After dinner, we took our oceanography quiz, and our class had the highest average score in recent memoryall in all, a good day.