Location: Santa Cruz, Galapagos

The newly initiated shellbacks were rotating through watch teams as the Galapagos became visible on the horizon. A new rush of excitement filled the crew with the wonder if there would be wildlife everywhere as we arrived. Over the past two days, there has been an abundance of dolphins, not just your normal dolphins taking a breath and going back down, but fully jumping up at least 10 feet out of the air; talk about amazing! As Argo cruised closer, we began a massive B.A. whilst underway. The deck was scrubbed and waxed, cabins cleaned, fridges, and every cabinet organized. She looks great right now, and a clean boat leads to a happy boat and happy crew! We pulled into Santa Cruz with birds flying above and a full anchorage ahead. We dropped anchor and enjoyed a great dinner of Chicken Pot Pie. As we were beginning clean up, we had a friendly little sea lion come over and poke his head in to say hello, which obviously melted everyone’s heart! Hopefully, there will be even more to come!