Location: Underway to Bermuda

Hi all,

As day four of our passage to Bermuda comes to an end, I think it’s safe to say that we are all starting to get the hang of things. Watch teams have been running like clockwork as we ensure a safe passage. Today we had Marine Biology and Seamanship. We were all able to get down into the Saloon for class, which is a good sign everyone is feeling better. The sea state has calmed since our first two days of voyage. My watch team (#3) has been having a good time listening to music, playing games, and listening to a true-crime podcast, which we are all now obsessed with.

Sonnet made some great food today, breakfast burritos and stuffed bell peppers. Food is definitely one of the best parts of our day on passage as we are all able to come together and enjoy each other and a delicious meal. So far, we’ve had two brave souls, Max and Colm, Sacrifice their PFDs on the bowsprit as they were fixing the jib. As they got dunked into the water, the pinnacle of the rollercoaster that is Vela, their life jackets inflated. However, they came back to the cockpit with wet clothes and big smiles. All in all, passage is going great!

Shoutout to Mom, Dad, Will, and Helen back at home. I miss you all so much and can’t wait to tell you about all my adventures!

Charlie The Skipper

Photo #1: Some friends stopped by for dinner
Photo #2: Tony and I enjoying a delicious dinner
Photo #3: The Gang getting ready for some Watch