Location: Queensway Quay Marina, Gibraltar, Territory of the United Kingdom

Our day started with a quick 15-hour night passage to Gibraltar. Watch one is still working on their push-up challenge during their watch, while Watch 2 prefers to have the occasional work-out mixed with a dance party. Watch team two also got a nice freshwater deck wash and morning ‘shower’ as rain poured down throughout our watch. As we approached the coastline, the faint outline of Africa could be seen across the straight. There was also an influx of boat traffic that Argo sneaked through as we entered the port. As we turned the corner, we got hit hard by torrential rain, making it harder to see and making us all soaked.
It was all hands on deck for docking, and everyone put our line throwing practice from the other day to good use as pairs through the lines. It was a nice surprise to behave the people that caught our dock lines speak in English accents and then be able to communicate when we went out for coffee and WiFi later.
On the dock, we ate an amazing lunch that Townes, Nick, and Emma prepared and then had an SLD class. With all the rain today, we had a relaxed day, and some of us went to a restaurant to get WiFi, do some work, and talk to our families.
Georgia, Veronica, Ava Leigh, Kristian, and I got an afternoon snack of brownies that were quickly polished off. Greg, Paulo, and Somers also ate a meal onshore. Sonya stumbled upon a baby snapping turtle during her shore time.
Back on the boat, we all got to shower in the heads, which was a welcomed break from our usual boat showers. Before showering, Mason, Veronica, Katie, and Sonya helped Ben clean up the oil out of the bilge. In between showers, we divided our time between napping and studying. After an amazing dinner of king ranch chicken, everyone is excited to finish our rainy day with a movie night and a good night’s sleep.