Location: Motril, Spain

A pretty relaxed day aboard Argo. The shipmates spent the morning catching up on classwork, sleep, and their projects. It was an overcast morning with periods of drizzle. After lunch, Bryant had an MTE class to brief small boat sailing and how it is much different from sailing Argo. After feeling a bit more confident, we left Argo and walked a few miles down the beach to the small boat operator. Everyone broke up into three groups and rotated through the different activities; paddleboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing the Hobie Cat, and the other small boat. A few people were lucky enough to try their hand at wakeboarding behind a 25hp dinghy. I didn’t think it would be powerful enough to pull anyone out of the water, but I was proven wrong as I saw Townes, Paulo, Mason, and Fitz pop out of the water throughout the afternoon. An epic kayak battle ensued while the others were sailing (as pictured), and everyone remained unscathed besides a few unlucky jelly stings. Some of the activities were hard as the wind was so light, but everyone made the most of it and had a great time. After some fresh coconuts, we headed back to Argo, had dinner, and finished passage prep. We are now about to head out to Gibraltar. Bon Voyage!