Location: Granada, Spain

The smell of cereal and milk got everyone out of bed at 7 AM. HA, just kidding. I had to pour water on Brahm to wake him up. The day could only get better. We headed to Granada on a minibus from Motril. We spilled into La Alhambra and helped Veronica find her love, her muse, Keller. The rest of us toured La Alhambra and headed off into the city. We ran into a number of dogs, pictured below. Kristian, Ava Leigh, Chloe, and I went into an awesome bar/cafe, which introduced me to the greatest invention of all time – butter and honey on toast!

Who knew so many great things existed for a single euro? The rest of the day was spent wandering around Granada. We pretended not to see Townes, Somers, Greg, and Paulo when they rolled by us with bright orange vests and helmets on Segways. Some people went up higher to the Monastery while others explored the town. We continued to wander and eventually came across la Catedral de Granada. The place was beautiful. The girls and I ran back to meet the rest of the group and were informed that we could watch some Flamenco Dancing. We all went to dinner and watched some heated flamenco. The group had a night out, and we continued to bond.We came home to a little rain, had a push-up competition, and returned to our bunks.