Location: Motril, Spain

Another fantastic day on Argo; what a surprise. Some of us woke to Argo anchored outside Grenada; some had been awake since 4 AM to do the anchoring. The crew immediately went into breakfast, followed by clean-up, and began the boat appreciation rituals. Argo received some serious love this morning. Two teams went out on our dinghies and polished topsides around the ship; the rest of us dove into galley lockers, refrigerators, and bunks to whip our vessel into shape. Once we had given her all the love we could, we brought Argo into port and docked. After docking, Captain Kevin started a dock-line throwing competition to see who could toss the lines furthest and ensure we’re all prepared for the next time we dock Argo. After a great lunch, we had some well-earned downtime, and many took advantage of our time and studied for the oceanography quiz we’ll be taking soon now that dinner is through. Big kudos to Mason, Fitz, Brahm for our meals today. We just finished an awesome dinner of gnocchi made from scratch. While we didn’t have a very eventful day in the traditional sense, we made Argo very happy. Our rockstar crew made it an awesome day, as always.