Location: Underway to Motril, Spain

Today was a pretty standard underway passage day for the crew of Argo. It began at Midnight for the overnight watch crew under a mostly clear and starry sky. We have had great shows of bioluminescence during the night here in the western Med. Argo’s wake looks like a reflection of the night sky. My watch discussed constellations to pass the time and located a variety, including Ursus major and the seven sisters and Polaris, the North Star. In addition to the great show of stars, dolphins visited all three watches at least once. At night, the dolphin’s streak underneath the bowsprit ahead of Argo’s wake, their shapes visible in the light given off by the bioluminescent organisms they pass. After sunrise, a large pod of common dolphins passed by to starboard while feeding, allowing us to see their color by the light of day.

Today marked our first rotation all the way around the job wheel, roughly a third of our voyage. Everyone has now completed every job once. We mustered for lunch at noon and then broke into afternoon classes. I covered the basic rules of the road during the MTE introductory seamanship class. We discussed actions to avoid collisions at sea and navigational buoyage. We then had a brief meeting about diving before the optional professional seamanship class led by Captain Kevin. After classes got out, Townes and I had an adventure fixing a clog in one of the boy’s heads. Townes stepped up and had it working again in no time. I was glad for his help, and I am sure that he will remember the event as type two fun. It’s now a warm and calm afternoon as the crew anxiously waits for what promises to be a delicious dinner of baked barbecue ribs and chicken! Afterward, we will be back into our overnight watch rotations and preparing for an early morning arrival in Motril, where we are planning diving and sailing activities and a shore excursion to the picturesque city of Granada.