Location: Underway to Komodo

For days everyone has been talking about how we are approaching the halfway point of the semester. But today, no one really mentioned it. I think it was because theres no way to put a happy spin on how fast time is going by.

The crew wakes up in the crowded anchorage of Sorong. The infrequent access to internet service has everyone talking on their phones and downloading music or shows to keep us entertained. Sorong is a highly populated port that has good service. Morning is spent last-minute studying characteristics of marine phyla and classes for a post-breakfast (and clean up) marine biology quiz. Then we begin prepping Argo for the upcoming passage to Komodo. Everyone 40/40s their bunk – situating items so that they will not move if we are in conditions that create 40 degrees of heeling or have 40 knots of wind. Various engine room components are checked, halyards are attached to sail heads, lines situated and coiled, steering capabilities ensured, running lights working, library shelves are organized so that books dont come raining down on people.

Lolo and Human return from shopping with four full Megatron loads of provisions. Our hanging nets are filled with apples, oranges, bananas, onions, potatoes, and garlic. Stowed away is about 50 new jars of peanut butter which honestly, Im scared isnt enough to last us three weeks. As a group, we consume A LOT of peanut butter. The next week’s meals will include things like salad, watermelon, and cucumbers. Thats kind of a big deal out here.

Argo pulls anchor and leaves the Sorong harbor just before sunset. The wind starts picking up, clouds are approaching, and by dinner time it’s raining. This makes for a hectic nighttime navigation of crowded waters. The longboats typical of Indonesia are cruising around, and a few we pass by are significantly larger and have outriggers on both sides with bright white lights shining all across the bow. We’re also experiencing the most intense sea state weve had thus far, with large swells lolling Argo over and back.

Night one of passage from Sorong to Komodo has begun! We still have 45 days of adventure left ahead! Life is good. (HI MOM, HI DAD!)

Current position:

Lucia is really excited about fresh fruit
ALLLL the trash we have created (or collected from beaches) since we left Palau. We got rid of it in Sorong before leaving.
Justin and Lucia in the helicopter yesterday.