Location: Underway to Komodo

The day began with water so glassy you could see the reflection of stars, followed by a beautiful sunrise minutes after the moon’s rise. Throughout the unbelievably still day, dolphins appeared three times around Argo, which brought lots of excitement, especially when a few of the students saw some babies in the pod. The morning proceeded in a usual underway schedule with boatmeal being made, watch teams switching out, and people slowly appearing from their cabins to post up in the salon to relax, do homework, or continue an unfinished poker game. Lunch made by head chef Justin and his sous chefs was much appreciated, particularly the fresh fruit and vegetables from the recent provision.
Everyone was super excited to hear Tim’s announcement that we would get to jump off the boat and go swimming in the middle of the ocean at 1000 meters depth. So, for about 15 minutes, we all swam around, diving down through the thermocline no more than a meter below us; this is definitely a unique experience I hope to have again.
In Oceanography class today, we learned about convection cells, global wind patterns, and tropical storms, which was great because we could all connect our experience of being so close to the equator and to the edge of a tropical storm to the material. Then in Leadership, we talked about mediating conflicts, which involved a fun skit starring Amelia and Grace, who played two roommates who disagreed over the cleaning of dishes.
Since there was so little wind today, the sails went up and down a few times, giving the watch teams more practice with sail work. It has been cool to see the progress from the first day we raised the sails until now. From people wandering around in confusion waiting to be assigned a job but not fully understanding what they’re doing to students leading the raises with just a few hitches here and there. I can say for sure that today I became quite familiar with coiling the main staysail halyard after many attempts and fails before finally getting it to hang free from touching the deck; it’s a lot harder than it sounds, I promise.
Finally, the day neared an end with another gorgeous sunset during our post-dinner squeeze.

Current position:
01 59.09′ S
128 52.65′ E