Location: Statia

Today the crew of “Ocean Star” started their morning with a lovely surprise fire drill. After the fire drill was over, we started our passage prep to Statia. We were underway for around 6 hours, making an average speed of 6kts. It was a very calm passage, and you could see the clouds reflecting off the water, as it was flat calm as our bow pierced the calm water and looked as if the glass was being broken. Although there was no wind, we thoroughly enjoyed the calm water because it was beautiful to see. The crystal clear blue water made it easy to watch all the flying fish glide across the flat calm water. We took the time to practice running up all of our sails, with the exception of the fisherman. This meant hoisting the flying jib to catch every small gust that wafted across the sea. As much as we love sailing, we were happy to finally pull into a new port. Statia is an island formed by an old volcano, and its crater is still very much intact. We will be hiking up the trails to the top of the rim tomorrow, and we will need all the sleep we can get tonight for the long trek up tomorrow.