Location: Ilé Fourchue

As the sun rose over St.Barth, the crew of Ocean Star started the day. We woke up to the smell of eggs and sausage frying in the galley and the sun shining down. As we indulged in our breakfast sandwiches and watermelon, we mentally prepared for a full, hot day aboard the boat. After breakfast, we got right into passage prep. We quickly rigged the boat and were ready to go; all of us were excited to get sails up and go sailing.

We have officially taken command of this vessel. The staff was the nervous parents who sit in the passenger’s seat for the first time after teaching their teenager to drive. They handed everything over from the route, sail plan, weather forecast, anchoring location, and the amount of chain to put out. Everything was planned by students. Afterward, we were briefed by the passage leaders, and we carefully maneuvered our “classy lady” through a field of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mega yachts. The second-largest yacht in the world “M/V Eclipse” was just off our starboard quarter and had a great view of our deft plucking of the anchor. Once we were in open water, we hoisted the sails and headed downwind for a quick sail to Il Fourchue.

Once we arrived in the quiet harbor of Il Fourchue, we struck sail and had lunch. After lunch, we had a rescue dive lecture and then an oceanography class. In oceanography, we learned about climate change and the effects it is leaving upon the ocean. As soon as class ended, we jumped right into the water for a quick cool-down swim before we started rigging. We rigged up the flying jibe for tomorrow’s passage and then planned everything for the passage. We then set up everything for dinner and consumed BBQ chicken, rice, salad, and fried plantains. Overall, it was a good day in the Caribbean aboard Ocean Star.