Location: Gustavia, St. Barth

As usual, the day started with the salon engulfed in music for our 7 o’clock awakening. Once everyone in the salon was out of bed, it was time to verify that our off-campus students down in the fo’c’sle, who aren’t fortunate enough to wake up to music, have remained conscious after their wake-up call. With everyone awake and on deck, it was time for our morning meal of breakfast burritos, which only lasted mere minutes with our ravenous crew. Immediately after breakfast, cleanup was our third marine biology exam followed closely by our leadership class with Ian. Then before we could think of the time, it happened that lunch was already upon us. Continuing with the Mexican theme from breakfast, our chefs served up some delicious enchiladas. After lunch, we set up dive gear for one of our final research dives to collect the final data for our research projects. The rest of the day consisted of studying and napping before heading to shore for dinner and a night out. Once ashore, most of us headed to Shell Beach to hang out and watch the sunset over the ocean, and then we went back to a restaurant for burgers and fries. With another great day at an end, it marks just two short weeks left in our trip, and we’ll be making the most of each day.