Location: Underway to Barbados in the Atlantic Ocean

There come days in every persons life that are quite simply, perfect. Our night watch from 8 to 12 last night was one such occasion. As a professional mariner, I have stood hundreds if not a thousand watches, and there have been many watches in that time period of note. But last night took the cake. We saw glowing dolphins!!! This wasn’t some horrible irradiated byproduct of nuclear waste but was due to thousands of tiny bioluminescent plankton, that when disturbed give off the same eerie green light that you find so often in your expensive watch hands so that you can read it at night. This pod of dolphins discovered that if they rode the bow wave of Argo not only were they getting a free ride to surf and play, but they easily picked off the dazed and confused little fish that scattered in front of the bow wave. The dolphins would shoot in and out of the bow wake as they chased fish and like glowing green torpedoes we watched with fascination their every movement. They look liked green wraiths, with long comet style tails of glowing luminescence flowing behind each individual dolphin. When the dolphins accelerated after a fish, their tails would explode in bright light as the plankton roared their disapproval at being disturbed yet again. It was a stellar and gorgeous ballet of symmetry of movement and agility. Quite simply, it was one of those perfect moments that make you stop and take stock, jaw agape in awe at natures magnificence, your own insignificance and the meaning of being happy. I have concluded that to me, being happy, is to obtain absolute contentment in a moment, however fleeting, a moment, in which, the past and the future cease to exist and only the present matters. I had that moment last night, and had I been alone it would have been amazing. But sharing it with special people made it, unforgettable.