Location: Underway to Barbados in the Atlantic Ocean

Today marks a very bittersweet day for two reasons. It is perhaps the last day of our last major passage, Barbados being only a day away. After making landfall there, passages will be no more than a day long, and island-hopping throughout the Caribbean will characterize the rest of our voyage. We are all excited about our last month, since it will be full of diving and unique experiences. Yet we have to say goodbye to long passages, continuous watch rotations and life at sea surrounded by emptiness. This change comes with the second reason for why today is bittersweet and that is that last night while starring up at the sky during watch I saw for the first time Polaris, the north star. I don’t think I could have found a better herald for the beginning of the last third of our trip. I am happy and proud at how far we have come. Though I know I will long for the openness of the sea, I am excited for the adventures ahead.