Location: Underway to Barbados in the Atlantic Ocean

As I’m writing this we have made 5700 miles aboard Argo, crossed the Atlantic, and had our feet on land, on five separate occasions. It is day 60 of our voyage, meaning only 30 remain. We are soon entering Caribbean waters, meaning passages will shorten dramatically, it’ll be different then what we’ve been used to, instead of more than a week at sea they will be less than a days sail. We have a month left, yet only about 300 miles to Antigua. While all of this seems sad to most onboard, there is so much to experience in these beautiful waters. Diving will begin and for half of this ships crew, that are getting their first certifications, that means their first time breathing underwater and opening up endless possibilities. I cannot wait to see their faces after. Seeing a person discover an entirely new world, that for most goes unnoticed, is something I treasure. These last 30 days will fly by, I’m sure but I’m excited as ever and cannot wait.