Location: Barbados

Today was a say of surprises. We awoke just before 7 for an entertaining arrival to Barbados, just 300 miles from our final destination, Antigua. All hands on deck, ready to dock Argo and clear customs. After very successfully docking, the crew began boat appreciation, but this time it was lead almost entirely by the crew for the first time. Once the sails were flaked, the deck washed and the galley and salon spotless, we moved out to a lovely harbor where we dropped anchor. Cozy in our new home, we sat down to enjoy a delicious lunch of tortilla wraps and fruit, delicious! Following lunch we did a final deck wash and free time then ensured! Some swam while others of us began pulling out scuba tanks and gear to ready ourselves for the four full days of diving we have planned. After that, we all just relaxed and swam until the sun started to set with yet another BEAUTIFUL Caribbean sunset. Dinner time, and as always we gathered in the cockpit for an especially emotional squeeze and another great dinner in the wonderful company of the crew of Argo. Today, though seemingly unremarkable, is a day that I will remember forever, it was so perfectly Sea|mester.