Location: Barbados

FINALLY! That was the word echoing from Argo today as we wriggled into our wetsuits, strapped on our tanks, adjusted our masks and took our first underwater breaths of the trip. For some of us, it was our very first time scuba diving. For others, it was a long-awaited return to the weightless world of the water. Being a proud (and slightly nervous) member of the former group, I soon realized we were in the most capable of hands. Divided into groups led by staff instructors Beaks and Chris and shipmate Divemasters Marina and Dwight, we learned how to set up our gear, get it on and off, breathe from a buddys tank, clear our masks underwater and many other skills that will serve us well as we start doing more diving during this last month of the trip. We also had some shore time to explore the Barbadian waterfront and Bridgetown, the capitol of Barbados. After this most recent passage and our brief stop at the tiny Isle de Salut, it was almost shocking to be around crowds of people again. The bustling city was quite a change from our floating family of 24, but I’m sure over the next four days well re-adjust to civilization and eagerly take advantage of all the opportunities Barbados has to offer. Going deep sea fishing, visiting a religious service, playing video games at the arcade the excited chatter I’ve heard flying around the boat about the possibilities here is endless. Right now, were heading out to check out the nightlife in Barbados and looking forward to more diving and shore time again tomorrow.