Location: Barbados

Let’s go blow some bubbles! Yesterday, many of the crew took their first breaths underwater. They must have liked it because this morning before breakfast was served, both dinghies were launched, and the first group gear all set up ready for round two, the second half of confined water, and more rescue diving. I share their enthusiasm for being back swimming in the warm Caribbean clear waters. Something about the Caribbean is so welcoming. Maybe it’s the clear waters and white sandy beaches, or maybe the laid-back, open lifestyle of the local people. Whatever it is, the energy of Barbados and the Caribbean has taken over the crew of Argo with good vibrations. Whether it’s after blowing bubbles or exploring the island each day, they return with new exciting stories of their adventures. After 60 some days and 5600nm traveled island hopping through the Caribbean is just what the crew of Argo needs. They are all salty sailors with many more miles in their wake than most. They crossed an ocean, explored two continents, and have become closer to each other than many of their longest childhood friends. That is one of the treasures of going to sea for long periods of time. The extended alone time in our little world of Argo gets people talking and opening up to each other in a way that would take years onshore. Seeing this crew come as close to each other as they have has been a special treat and reminder that we are doing something very right out here. Now with less than 300nm miles to go (a blink of an eye for this crew), we have more stops planned than we have visited the entire trip up to date. A bit cramped in at the end but essential for the growth of the crew as one solid working unit. Let the romp through the Caribbean commence!