Location: Barbados

Now that we have been in Barbados for a few days, it is starting to feel like home at our anchorage. The Barbadian people are friendly. The beaches are beautiful, and now that we are diving, the aquatic life is amazing. Today was another great day; it was spent wandering around the charming town of Bridgetown, diving, dinghy training, and relaxing. The open water divers got to go on our first real dive today, which was extremely exciting. We got to dive on a wreck which was totally surreal. The area was filled with colorful fish and corals and a huge sunken ship! The rescue divers continued their training today and came back to the Argo with nothing but smiles and funny stories. There was an opportunity to be dinghy trained today, which most of the Argo crew signed right up for and later was followed by ocean showers and a scrumptious dinner. Every day here on Argo is unique, fun, and surprising and I cant wait to see what Barbados has in store for us tomorrow.