Location: Barbados

We have only been in the Caribbean for less than five days, and so far, it has provided us with endless amounts of opportunities and entertainment. As diver training continues, our Open Water students are quickly moving on to deeper and longer dives. The Rescue Divers have reached the point where they are patiently awaiting surprise rescue situations. The Divemasters are busy pumping tanks, exchanging gear while buddy breathing, and helping those new to the art of the underwater world. Onshore the crew has begun exploring every nook and cranny of Barbados. Early morning trips to places on the other side of the island are not uncommon. Taxis are constantly shuttling Argonauts to inland caves. Beaches thought to only exist in magazines and boats bound for fishing expeditions. Just last night, Ariana offered those that were interested the chance to join her in attending a local Jewish Synagogue for Friday night service. A new cultural experience for most. Between diving and shore exploration, people have also managed to find time to learn how to drive our trusty dinghy, Boonrod. Each day a few very eager shipmates hop into the dinghy and are taught all the basics of driving and docking one of Argo’s tenders. Now, as our number of eligible drivers quickly increases, the staff look forward to handing off the responsibility of dinghy runs to shore and maybe even spending a little less time contemplating whether foul weather gear is necessary for that noon pickup. In just 24 hours, we will be saying farewell to the island of Barbados and moving on to our next Caribbean Island, Bequia, which promises to provide us with just as many new adventures.