Location: Barbados

Tonight we are departing Barbados for Bequia, a small island about 150 nautical miles west. Today we had an entire day to ourselves to explore Barbados. Some of us went deep sea fishing, while others explored the beaches on other parts of the island. However, it was not a full day of rest – we also did a large provisioning and filled seven grocery carts to the brim. Additionally, PSCT students took one of their major exams this afternoon, tides and currents. It was almost strange to have a day without diving. We have all been working hard on earning our certifications for the last few days. We are all excited to be underway again, even for just a short time. It will be interesting to wake up to a new island, especially one with such a unique culture. Bequia is the only place in the world where whaling is legal, and it is only done from sailing vessels. Can’t wait to get there!