Location: Isle de Salut, French Guyana

Just as the title says, Argo is looking as good as new. Our day in a beautiful new location began with a filling breakfast of crepes, and soon after, clean-up BA (boat appreciation) began. We set off cleaning every corner and every crevice since many of us have been feeling sick, and I definitely know after today that no type of bug or little organism is living in my cabin. The smell of bleach wafted through all the cabins and the saloon today.
As a few of us were busy cleaning our bunks, the saying ‘if you have cleaned it, clean it again’ lingered in the back of our heads. Some other crew-mates were busy on deck, first with a deck wash and then waxing, polishing, and rust busting. Today has been a busy day, but it is all to make Argo look sexy, which in the end, we all appreciate. Once BA had been completed and everything was clean, we had OCE, which was interesting as we learned and were able to visually see-through images from the previous places that we have been on this trip, the effects of erosion as well as a deposition. Once OCE ended, the advanced divers had their final class, which was shortly followed by a good dinner which was provided for us by Smudge. Our dinner meal ended with a surprise of a carrot cake just to thank us for our hard work today.
Abby and Eli presented us with a presentation yesterday and told us about the shark-infested waters that we are currently in. We had a bet to see if sharks would come if we threw meat into the water, and sadly, we were unsuccessful in seeing sharks, but tomorrow is another day that I know Bryant, as well as Dylan, will be excited to see some form of a shark. This has now led to us doing after-dinner clean-up.
I have to now go and teach my fellow Argonauts my how-to presentation, which is: how to make South African buttermilk rusks, hmm my favorite. Then it is off to a good night’s rest for us all after a busy, busy day.