Location: Underway to French Guyana

It was a slightly wet morning on bow watch, but it was welcomed by all! We had another day of awesome sailing conditions and started the morning out, making 9 to 10 knots. The wind slowed throughout the day, but we maintained our speed, and by the evening, the wind picked back up, and we were back up to sailing at around 10 knots.
This morning we had a few residual equator crossing hair cuts, this time by brand new barber Smudge. He tried out this newly acquired talent on some daring students, and luckily for them, he did a fine job. After lunch, we learned about tides in OCE. Be careful not to run aground during low tide! Next, in SLD, each of us presented on the spur of the moment, one minute, ‘How To’ presentation on a topic that was drawn from a hat. Thank you all for being funny and giving everyone a good laugh when we were all feeling a bit exhausted. Next, we had showers and a relaxing afternoon for some and a cram session for others. Our much-awaited dinnertime meal was prefaced with, ‘So tonight we have steak curry.’ Be warned, the potatoes are a little crunchy, and the meat is overdone. Enjoy! Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as expected. The potatoes were soft, and the chefs did a fantastic job.
We are looking forward to relaxing for a few days to rest up on the islands of French Guiana, Ille de Salut, for a few days before we set sail for Barbados and the Caribbean.
Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and miss you and have been thinking of you today! I hope you had a wonderful day!