Location: Falmouth, Antigua

The morning started with the song Mr. Blue Sky blasting at 7 am. Meg, Julien, and Brahm were preparing honey and apple scones with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Today was filled with academics and diving. We started with our Marine Biology class; then we went right into our Seamanship class, where Brahm taught us all about boat safety. We then worked on our upcoming assignments. We usually do work at the beginning of the day because, towards the end of the day, everyone gets so tired that we can’t keep our eyes open, or in Max’s case, your head hits the wall. After our study sesh, the crew finished their knowledge reviews for getting their advanced open water certification. The chefs then cooked up some delicious tortilla soup. After the cleaning was done, we had our Oceanography class where Sam taught us about the tectonic plates dancing around on top of the Aesthenosphere. The divers who are not advanced then went diving to learn new skills for their safety under the water, except Grady, who had a stuffy nose :(. While they were diving, the people who stayed on the boat worked on their fish ID books where we described the fish we saw diving on the previous day. When everyone got back on deck, it started to rain, so we decided to use the freshwater as an opportunity to take a nice shower. Dinner was a chicken and sausage paella with lots of chicken which was freshly provisioned the day before. We then cleaned up and started to play Cards Against Humanity (I won).

1. The crew eating the delicious scones
2. Erin, Chris, and Ash cleaning up after breakfast
3. Addisen, Sam, Liam, and Henry scrubbing the dishes
4. Everyone getting some work done in their free time
5. The crew trying not to spill their hot tortilla soup
6. Ash breaking his own rules and looking down before stepping into the water to dive
7. The crew and our yacht
8. The divers preparing to descend into the depths
9. Addisen and Keaton with her child-sized flippers
10. The crew eating their magnificent meal by the colorful sunset