Location: Viani Bay, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Today I was talking to Jim while we looked at Simons pictures from the snorkeling we did today, and he mentioned that today was probably the best day we have had this entire trip. I, and a large majority of the crew, wholeheartedly agree. Today was one of those days you just dont forget, and that is probably for the best. Today started off fantastically; we finally got a sunny morning. After days of rain, everyone was so happy to walk up the companionway to see and feel the sun shining. The day started off with a delicious banana bread made by Taylor and her sous chefs. Afterward, we went snorkeling at another site on the reef in the pass off of Taveuni. Some might disagree with me, but I think this snorkeling was even better than yesterday. We saw sharks, massive cabbage coral, colors that you just never see underwater, and some Finding Nemo fish. After the dive, we had a lunch of spring rolls and fried rice, which, again, was delicious. Next, we went on shore to explore, and a bunch of us climbed up hills and even had a volleyball game with some of the local villagers and children from the primary school. When we were done, we took ocean showers and all hung out before having pho for dinner. All in all, it was a fantastic day that no one here will forget, and I personally look forward to many days like today.