Location: Taveuni, Fiji

Our week in Fiji has been amazing. Hopefully, you can see from the pictures Fiji is completely unspoiled, and the crew is having a great time exploring. This morning we went ashore to a local village and amused them with our leadership class activities on the beach. Leadership-class was a good chance to work together as new watch teams. It was also a good chance to get together as a crew and have some fun in a stunning setting.

This week we are based around the Somosomo straight in Fiji. The dive sites are known as the Rainbow reef, and the area is often referred to as the soft coral capital of the world. We are very privileged to be able to explore such a beautiful place. The nature is breathtaking, and it is hard to know where to look with so much world-class action going on. Cameras of all shapes and sizes have been hard at work, and editing photographs has been intense.

In some cases, editing has continued into the early hours. I can take no credit for the pictures at all. These were kindly donated by the staff, who are way more high tech and much more skilled than I am.

Picture 1. Human sundials. Taylor is leading the group in a warm-up exercise before the leadership activities. We might be in the South Pacific, but warm-ups are warm-ups if it works for the most successful sports teams.
Picture 2. Untangling the human knot. Note no hotels. No other boats. No distractions for the knot untangling world record attempt.
Picture 3. Argo prayer time. “Please don’t let the rice be burnt again” “Please let Argo be on port tack so I stay in my bunk” “Please let my towel dry before the next deck wash” “Please can I stay in Fiji forever” “Please can I be a flamingo because I really like standing like this.” “How did this coconut get here?”
Picture 4. A free-range, sandy Argo crew. Even when off the boat with unlimited space, they still tend to group together.
Picture 5. A race against time before the tide comes in. The first mate and medical person in charge, Bryant, look on as Sara’s shoulder flexibility gets tested.
Picture 6. SOFT CORAL. (in capitals)
Pictures 7-9: Just some of the sights from our various snorkeling and diving adventures over the last two days.